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Section 1 - About Us
1.1 Values

is committed to integrity, customer service and the highest level of technical excellence. We recognize that our success depends on personalized relationships with our customers.
1.2 Mission

mission is to continue to focus on the development of core HF/ VHF / UHF technology. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical, professional and technical standards. We strive to add value through:
Development and integration of core technology
Complementing the development capability of our clients
Effective interfacing, communication and support
Saving development costs
Reducing time to market

Section 2 - The Resurgence of Radio in the digital age
2.1 The Resurgence of Radio in the digital age

There has been resurgence in Radio communications in the last decade not seen since its heyday. A convergence of technology advances, economic conditions, and new deployment scenarios are driving demand especially for data-centric applications. The value of an independent, secure, beyond line-of-sight (BLOS) communications medium that can be deployed quickly and economically has been appreciated in the challenges presented at the beginning of the 21st century.

Security and peace-keeping requirements have highlighted the limitations of communications strategies that were too reliant on publically accessible networks or satellite technology. Contrary to the perception of radio communications as an old-paradigm analogue technology, radios have moved to the digital age.
RapidM has been a leading enabler of these technological advances. RapidM modem technology and software is enabling radios to meet the challenges of the digital age including:

Transmission and receiving digital text and email messages
2G and 3G Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) ensuring enhanced quality
The transmission of secure encrypted communications
Enhanced digital voice quality
Gateway technology linking HF/VHF communications networks to the Intranet/Internet and GSM
Secure digital voice solutions
Smart phone-like applications including email and SMS
Gateways into the fixed-net infrastructure (internet and GSM)

Section 3 - Partner of Choice
3.1 Partner of Choice

is the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading radio manufacturers who are developing next generation Software Defined Radios (SDRs), and system integrators who wish to use RapidM modems to bring cutting-edge digital capability to legacy analogue radios. RapidM provides a full range of services for radio manufacturers and system integrators including; strategic design consultancy, development projects and system integration.

RapidM has a growing network of Value Added Resellers and local agents to support our global customers. If you are interested in becoming a partner please contact us at

RapidM is focused on the area of high-speed data modems and applications for HF and V/UHF radios. Supported standards include STANAG 4539, FED-STD-1049, FED-STD-1045, STANAG 4538, STANAG 4285, MIL-STD-188-110B, MIL-STD-188-110A, STANAG 5066, MIL-STD-188-141B and MIL-STD-188-141A. Our products and designs are used in many products world-wide including man-pack, naval and airborne communications systems.

RapidM new RM8 Software Defined Modem and STANAG 4538 ALE Controller unit offers systems integrators unrivalled performance and flexibility. The TC4 is a super-compact, high performance embedded modem module for use in new radio designs or for new ancillary radio equipment. RapidM is at the forefront of providing real-world Message Handling Applications and solutions for existing voice radio networks.

RapidM new RAPTAWC RT5 tactical field data terminal (built-in modem and GPS) brings STANAG 4538 (2G and 3G ALE) and 4539 based data networking and applications to the front line: Tactical messaging, position distribution and Email, SMS. The STANAG 5066 compliant RC50-T gateway provides a connection to the fixed infrastructure. HF radio modems are able to transfer data over significant distances (10 000 kilometers and more, radio-to-radio), using radio waves reflected by the Earth’s ionosphere. Data rates of up to 9600 bps are available over a standard 3 kHz (SSB) HF radio channel and 19200 bps over an ISB channel. VHF modems offer up to 96,000 bps in a 25 kHz (AM, FM or SSB) wideband radio channel.

The application area is highly robust point-to-point off mobile VHF communications.