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RapidM was established in July 2001 to focus solely on the development of core HF radio modems, 2G ALE (Automatic Link Establishment), 3G ALE and HF e-mail software products and services. Since its inception, RapidM has built up significant technical competency in the wireless modem field, especially with regard to conformance with the applicable standards STANAG 4539, STANAG 4285, MIL-STD-188-110B, MIL-STD-188-110A, STANAG 5066, MIL-STD-188-141B, MIL-STD-188-141A

RapidM is also active in the area of 3G ALE and STANAG 4538. Our development team consists of 27 highly skilled Electronic Engineers and Computer Scientists. RapidM has developed cutting edge embedded modem hardware and software for use in standalone or embedded scenarios. The team is committed to continuous improvement of the quality and performance of our products to most importantly, provide priority support to our key clients.  

RapidM is ISO 9001:2015 certified.  

RapidM is privately owned with significant stakes held by the founder and the management team.

Management team

The RapidM Management Team consists of Stephan Isebeck (CEO), Danie van Wyk (CTO), Christo Coetzee (Production) and Abri Coetzee (Waveforms). Summarised CV's of Stephan and Danie are as follows:

Stephan Isebeck is the Chief Executive Officer of RapidM. Through his long-standing involvement in high frequency and radio development work, Stephan has managed to develop significant contacts with international companies involved in this market. He has built a strong team of design engineers, and provides leadership in the architectural innovation and quality aspects of the RapidM HF radio modem design.

Dr. Danie van Wyk is the Chief Technical Officer of RapidM Danie holds an PhD degree in Electronic Engineering and specialises in DSP and communications system engineering. He is also the project leader of various undertakings at RapidM.

Our offices in Pretoria

Product offering

RapidM has an existing range of HF radio modem products, which have found application in high-profile NATO navies. We have a permanently staffed on-site production facility.
In-house, the company focuses on the important areas of component buying, QA, final assembly, burn-in and test, whilst we outsource PCB manufacturing and assembly.

RapidM provides licensed STANAG 5066 based software solutions for HF e-mail and IP over HF. The company has the capacity to establish software development teams on short notice for this purpose. The software development process is typically based on MIL-STD-498 unless adapted by the customer. To date, these solutions have been adapted for use in high-profile European military organisations and tested by world-leading HF system houses.

This is driven by the demand for long-haul bandwidth, especially in the commercial marine HF E-mail application area.

This demand is driven by the strategic requirement for satellite independence for long-haul military communications and interoperability within NATO.