TC Family

Enhance new or existing radio designs by embedding next-generation digital capabilities.

The TC Product Family of embedded modem modules provides radio makers with next-generation digital capabilities at minimal integration effort and low overall cost. The modules are engineered for value, exceptional performance and quality, backed by professional integration support.

Our TC Family offers standards-based functions and proprietary waveforms for HF and VHF/UHF radios. Standards-based capabilities include HF and VHF/UHF Data Modems (conforming to MIL-STD-188-110A, MIL-STD-188-110B, MIL-STD-188-110C – wideband HF, STANAG 4285, 5065, 4529, 4415, 4539 4691), Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) functions for 2G ALE (conforming to MIL-STD-188-141A, MIL-STD-188-141B and MIL-STD-188-141C), Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) functions for 3G ALE (conforming to STANAG 4538 FLSU) and 3G Packet Data Modems (conforming to STANAG 4538 xDL).

TC modules can also host embedded functions for secure voice and data encompassing low rate (600 to 2400 bps) TWELP and MELPe Vocoders and AES-256 encryption.

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Additionally, you might also be interested in our TC4 solutions for Icom IC-F8101:

TC4-MARS for Icom IC-F8101

Email Bundle: TC4 & RC50 for Icom IC-F8101

Products at a glance

TC5 Wideband HF & VHF Modem and ALE Controller Module
TC5 Embedded Wideband HF & VHF Modem and ALE Controller Module | ISO 3

The TC5 module is intended for users seeking to fully exploit the available spectrum for the highest speeds of BLOS and HF surface wave communications. The TC5 can host wideband HF modem functions that fully comply with MIL-STD-188-110C App. D up to 24 kHz audio bandwidth. Furthermore, the TC5 can support V/UHF modem data rates up to 256 kbps in 48 kHz audio bandwidth. The TC5 still offers all the functionality found in the TC2. Further out into the future, the TC5 shall make available RapidM’s proprietary 4G-R family of HF/VHF modem waveforms. These shall provide network capability, and base/mobile TDMA modes for unparalleled connectivity and speed and TRANSEC and LPD ultra-robust communications.

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TC2 HF & V/UHF Modem, ALE and Secure Digital Voice Module
TC2 HF & V/UHF Modem, ALE and Secure Digital Voice Module | Embedded HF & V/UHF Modem

The TC2 is aimed at establishing an ultra-compact footprint family of embeddable modems for use in HF and V/UHF communication equipment. The TC2 offers the same functionality as the TC4-LP, namely HF and VHF/UHF data modems, 2G ALE and 3G ALE/STANAG 4538. The TC2 hardware can also host RapidM’s EF-256 embedded functions, which include Secure Digital Voice (SDV) and AES 256 encryption.

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TC4-LP HF & V/UHF Modem, ALE and Voice Module
TC4-LP HF & V/UHF Embedded Modem, ALE and Voice Module

The TC4-LP is a TC4 footprint compatible module optimised for low power consumption. In addition, RapidM has made available the EF-256 suite of embedded functions, which include Secure Digital Voice (SDV) using the HF-2 waveform and AES 256 encryption. These functions will also execute on the TC4-LP hardware and are properly integrated with the HF House architecture of the TC4-LP’s embedded software. The RapidM SDV is a game-changer for radio makers, as the clarity of the Vocoders and range of the modem are unsurpassed.

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TC4 LF, HF & V/UHF Modem & ALE Controller Module
TC4 LF, HF & V/UHF Modem & ALE Controller Module | Embedded HF & V/UHF Chip

When we designed the TC4 at RapidM, the aim was to provide a compact embedded modem solution to radio makers encompassing all the major standards in HF House, notably 2G ALE, MIL-STD-188-110B and STANAG 4538. That is why this modem module has found service in a variety of HF transceiver products over time. The TC4 has been largely superseded by the TC4-LP footprint compatible module and by the TC2 for new designs.

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Product Comparison

TC5 modem module TC4 Low Power TC4
TC Family Products Comparison TC5 TC2 TC4-LP TC4


Wideband HF Data Modem MS110C (24 kHz), Fully Compliant [ ]
HF Data Modem: Up to 9600 bps (3 kHz, SSB) [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
3G ALE (S4538 FLSU) [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
HF Data Modem: Up to 19200 bps (2×3 kHz, 2-ISB) [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]


3G ALE (S4538 FLSU) [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
3G Packet Data (S4538 xDL) [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
2G ALE [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

V/UHF Modems (Proprietary)

RapidM V/UHF Modem: CL9 up to 256 kbps (50 kHz) [ ]
RapidM V/UHF Modem: LITE up to 128 kbps (25 kHz) [ ] [ ] [ ]

Digital Voice (Vocoder and Modem)

2400 bps TWELP/MELPe [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
700 – 2400 bps TWELP [ ] [ ] [ ]
600 – 2400 bps TWELP/MELPe (Export Controlled) [ ] [ ] [ ]
300 bps TWELP (Export Controlled) [ ] [ ] [ ]

Encryption (Digital Voice and Data)

56-bit Encryption [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
AES-256 (Export Controlled) [ ] [ ] [ ]


UART A (Data, Config and Control)        
UART B (Radio Control)        
UART C (Spare, Customisable)      
USART (Data)     [ ]
Analogue Audio 1 (Radio Baseband)        
Analogue Audio 2 (2-ISB Radio Baseband or EAR/MIC)        
Routable Analogue I/O Capability    
Differential Analogue I/O Signal Capability    
PTT In        
PTT Out        
McASP Digital Audio  
McBSP Digital Audio        
PPS (GPS Time) Input        
Internal Clock        
Clock Input        
Clock Output        
1.8 V I/O Voltage Capability    
Remote Control Protocol: RAP1/RIPC        
Remote Control Protocol: ASCII S5066 Annex E [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

[ ] = Option