RAPTAWC CommandPoint

RT CommandPoint Situational Awareness Software

RT CommandPoint is a Situational Awareness application that aids Commanders in operational theatre visualization and communication. It allows rapid and intelligent control of the battlefield for Company and Platoon-level commanders. CommandPoint has been designed to run on a touch-screen tablet PC or laptop computer running a Windows operating system. Positions of RT devices and other points are over-laid on an image and vector map and combined with easy-to-use chat messaging to individuals or all members of the group. The intuitive interface can be used for navigation and coordination.

Features and Benefits


  • Situational awareness
  • Command & Control
  • Connect to a local RT5
  • Blue force tracking
  • Connects to a local RT3, RT5 or RT7
  • MS Windows™ compatible
  • Image and vector mapping included
  • Voice and messaging support
  • Track log view
  • Safe and Danger Zones with alarms


  • Base: Company/Brigade
  • Vehicle: Platoon/Company
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Product Accessories

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