RC91-C STANAG 4691 Radio Circuit Manager

The RC91-C STANAG 4691 Radio Circuit Manager is a PC-based software suite responsible for the management functions of V/UHF radio circuits employing the RapidM RC10 and RM10 (3 to 24 kHz) products as assets.  The STANAG 4691 Appendix A MARLIN controller, also known as Subnet Relay (SNR) is a suite of protocols that was developed for the AUSCANNZUKUS navies to permit the deployment of masterless, ad-hoc, self-configuring tactical IP networks with inherent relay capabilities over line-of-sight (LOS) radio assets in the V/UHF bands.

The RC91-C ensures the maximum online time of a radio circuit by taking responsibility for the radio circuit assets for configuration, control and status monitoring.

The RC91-C uses the V/UHF bearers and the STANAG 4691-B and VHF-5 data modem waveforms as the primary radio communications mode.  The RC91-C also supports the use of HF bearers and narrowband and wideband HF data modem waveforms. HF surface wave communication provides much greater ranges than VHF and UHF bearers.  The use of wideband HF modem (MIL-STD 188-110C Appendix D) and radio technologies bring the data rates in line with those used in the SNR/UHF (25 kHz) systems.

The RC91-C also manages the operational system profile of the radio circuit, e.g., Data S4691 V/UHF 25 kHz, Data S4691 V/UHF 20 kHz, Data S4691 Prop or Data S4691 HF 24 kHz.  Radio communication links supported by the RC91-C are surface-wave ship-to-shore and ship-to-ship deployments.

The RC91-C has built-in configuration and control components for the configuration of the complete H/V/UHF radio circuit. Network-wide configuration is simplified using pre-prepared network configurations based on operational system profiles generated with the RapidM RCNP Radio Network Planner (datasheet available) application.  Local Node configuration is facilitated via the RC91-C MMI.

RC91-C is a Microsoft® Windows 10® and Windows Server 2016® application.   The RC91-C software is developed, tested, maintained and built with continuous code quality and code security (CI/CD integration) workflows.

Features and Benefits

  • V/UHF Subnet Relay (SNR) Protocol Standards
    • STANAG 4691-A (Edition 1) (SNR over HF or V/UHF)
  • V/UHF Data Modem Waveforms
    • STANAG 4691-B (25 kHz)
    • STANAG 4691-B (20 kHz)
    • VHF-5 (RapidM Proprietary)
  • HF Data Modem Waveforms
    • MIL-STD-188-110C-D (3 – 24 kHz)
    • MIL-STD-188-110B (3 kHz) and F (2x 3 kHz)
  • Data Services
    • IP Data Transfer
    • Point-to-Multipoint and Broadcast
    • Compression and Relay (MANET)
  • Naval and Maritime Platforms (Surface, Sub-Surface and Air)
  • Companion Products
    • RC10 and RM10
  • Works with RCNP Radio Network Planner for Network-Wide Configuration Generation – Datasheet Available
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