RCNP Radio Network Planner – V3 & V4

The RCNP Radio Network Planner is a PC-based software application used to perform the planning functions of H/V/UHF radio circuits employing the RapidM narrowband (3, 6 kHz) RC8/RM8 and wideband RC10/RI10/RM10 (24 kHz) products as assets in the circuits constituting the radio network.

A network consists of several circuits, all sharing the same network configuration or profile.  Data networks based on STANAG 5066 or STANAG 4691 are supported. The output of the RCNP is one or many network configuration files as used by the RCNM, RC66-C and RC91-C Software Suites. A previously generated network configuration file can be loaded and edited via the RCNP.

The RCNP facilitates the building of all the circuits that will form the network. A circuit is added by specifying the assets, self-addresses (call-sign, ALE 2G/3G/4G, S5066, S4691), management, data and time interfaces.

The RCNP is used to create all the radio profiles, i.e., one for each unique radio in the network, as well as the frequency tables and associated scan lists.  The scan lists are required for ALE operation. One or more scan lists can be defined to cater for different operational scenarios, e.g., day or night-time operations.

The RCNP is used to then to create the network profile. The process is repeated for each type of supported data or voice configuration file.  The network is further configured for a fixed frequency of multi-channel operation using ALE 2G, 3G or 4G/WALE with ALM.  The ARQ and MAC modes are also handled via the planner as these are network-wide configuration items.

The RCNP is also used to specify the physical layer, e.g., modem waveform, data rate, etc.

The selection of self-address, radio profile and scan list are done as part of the local node configuration in the RapidM RCNM, RC66-C and RC91-C applications before the circuit is taken online. The validity and correctness of the network configuration are verified by these applications.

The RCNP product is available in two versions, RCNP V3 and V4:

  • RCNP V3 is deployed with the RC8 (Narrowband STANAG 5066 Server) and RM8 Software Defined Modem & ALE products for narrowband (3, 6 kHz) HF radio circuits.
  • RCNP V4 is deployed with the RC10 ARQ Server & IP Controller (Wideband STANAG 5066 Server and STANAG 4691 MARLIN SNR) and RM10 Wideband SDM & ALE products for wideband (3 to 24 kHz) HF radio circuits. RCNP V4 also provides the management functions for the RI10 (IP-to-Sync Controller) products when used as part of split-site circuits.

Features and Benefits

  • Radio Network Operation Profile: DATA STANAG 5066
    • HF Modem: 3 to 24 kHz
    • Fixed Frequency, ALE 2G, 3G or 4G/WALE with ALM
    • Fixed Data Rate or Automatic Data Rate Change
    • Use of CSMA or WTRP
    • Broadcast or ARQ
    • S5066 Clients:
      • SMTP, CFTP/HMTP, COSS, RCOP, IP, RapidM Prop.
    • Data Services:
      • Email and Email Gateway, Chat, Messaging
      • File Transfer, IP Data
  • Radio Network Operation Profile: DATA STANAG 4691
    • VHF Modem: 3 to 24 kHz
    • UHF Modem: 20 or 25 kHz
    • HF Modem: 3 to 24 kHz
    • Data Services: IP Data
  • Circuit Editor
    • V3: RC8 and RM8 assets,
    • V4: RC10, RI10 and RM10 assets
    • Support for Up to 100 Circuits
    • Normal and Split-Site Shore and Maritime Platforms
  • Radio Editor
    • Radio Profiles and Radio Parameters
    • Frequency Tables, Scan Lists for ALE operation
  • Companion Products
    • RCNM, RC66-C and RC91-C Software Applications
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