RM8-WB Wideband Software Defined Modem

RM8-WB Wideband Software Defined Modem

The RM8-WB Wideband HF Modem offers the latest MIL-STD-188-110C Appendix D family of Wideband HF (WBHF) Waveforms. The WBHF waveforms occupy bandwidths from 3 kHz to 24 kHz in increments of 3 KHz, offering user data rates between 75 bps and 120 kbps.

The WBHF waveforms address the need for higher throughput needed to support IP based data and new high capacity applications such as video and Naval/Strategic situational awareness for command and control (C2).

The RM8-WB data modem is intended for operation with WBHF radios with an audio bandwidth exceeding the traditional 3 kHz (SSB) & 6 kHz (ISB) bandwidths. The RM8-WB data modem waveforms supports skywave operation up to 19k2 bps in 6 kHz. The modem also supports surface or groundwave operation up to 64 kbps in 12 kHz and 120 kbps in 24 kHz. The RM8-WB radio audio interface is via a 24 kHz baseband audio interface.

The RM8-WB also offers the following options for VHF and UHF radio (contact RapidM for details):

• STANAG 4691 Annex B MARLIN (24 kHz, up to 96 kbps)
• Wideband V/UHF Data Modem (3 to 24 kHz, up to 128 kbps)

Features and Benefits

Wideband HF Modem Option

  • Up to 19200 bps skywave operation in 6 kHz
  • Up to 120000 bps groundwave operation in 24 kHz
  • MIL-STD-188-110C


  • Up to 96000 bps in 24 kHz (UHF)
  • STANAG 4691 Annex B

High Data Rate V/UHF Modem

  • Up to 128000 bps in 24 kHz (V/UHF)

Ethernet interface for remote control
Ethernet interface for data
Synchronous DTE port for secure data
AC & DC Power Supply

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