RS66 STANAG 5066 Stack and Components

RS66 STANAG 5066 Stack and Components

Long distance Beyond Line of Site (BLOS) radio channels are subjected to high levels of distortion and interference. Data applications often require reliable communications to assure that data is delivered if possible and to notify the sender if delivery is not possible.

The RS66 STANAG 5066 Stack and Components enables reliable end-to-end data communication over HF and V/UHF radio. STANAG 5066 ARQ effectively tracks data transferred between radio stations. The receiving station acknowledges all successfully received packets and request the sender to repeat lost packets.

RS66 is a set of software services that can be integrated with a customer’s or system integrator’s own computer software. RS66 is available for Windows and Linux. RS66 is suitable for strategic, military, naval and industrial applications requiring reliable data transfer via HF or V/UHF radio.

RS66 is designed to be used in conjunction with RapidM high performance HF and V/UHF data modems. The automatic Data Rate Change (DRC) algorithm continuously assesses and adjust the modem data rate to optimise throughput in the current channel conditions.

The RS66 offers the following application specific interface clients in addition to the core STANAG 5066 Edition 3 ARQ component:

  • Email HMTP, CFTP, SMTP, POP3 Clients
  • Messaging ACP-127, COSS Clients
  • IP Data IP Client
  • RapidM Chat Message Client (proprietary)
  • HF Wireless Token Ring Protocol (WTRP) as per STANAG 5066 Annex L

Integration with existing management systems is simple using the status and statistics monitoring via the XML/TCP/IP interface.

Features and Benefits

STANAG 5066 Stack:

  • Automatic Repeat & Request (ARQ) server
  • STANAG 5066 ARQ Edition 3 compliant
  • Automatic Data Rate Change (DRC), 75 bps to 128 kbps
  • NATO cryptography compatible
  • SSB, ISB & WBHF data modem compatible
  • 2G ALE & 3G ALE compatible, incl. ALM
  • Synchronous/asynchronous operation
  • Simple configuration & control
  • Unattended background operation
  • Up to 4 independent circuits/platform

STANAG 5066 Components:

  • Email Clients (HMTP, CFTP, SMTP, POP3)
  • Messaging Clients (ACP-127, COSS)
  • Internet Protocol (IP) Client
  • RapidM Messaging Client (chat)


  • Windows (including 7,8 and 10) and Linux OS compatible
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