RT GatePoint Email Software

Connect HF & V/UHF Networks with IP Networks

The Gateway application allows radio networks to be connected to fixed infrastructure such as Intranet Email and GSM SMS networks. The software provides:

  • Email routed to/from IP networks
  • Email compression & prioritization
  • Automatic resumption
  • SMS routed to/from GSM Networks

Features and Benefits


  • Connect HF & V/UHF networks with IP networks
  • Connect HF & V/UHF networks with GSM networks
  • Connect to a local RT5 in modem mode
  • Interoperable with RT5
  • MS Windows™ compatible
  • Works with MS Outlook ™ and Lotus Notes™
  • POP3, SMTP interface
  • Progress indication
  • Delivery notification
  • Email compression and prioritization


  • Base: Company/Brigade
  • Vehicle: Platoon/Company
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Product Accessories

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