Eval2 Evaluation Kit for TC4

TC4-Eval2 Evaluation Kit for TC4-LP and TC2 Modules

The TC4-Eval2 is an evaluation kit for the RapidM TC4-LP and TC2 Modules. The kit is based on the carrier card used in the RapidM RM2 modem product.

The TC4-Eval2 is suitable for governmental and security equipment manufacturers to evaluate the TC4-LP and TC2 module functions including LF / HF / VHF / UHF data modem, ALE 2G and 3G controller capabilities.

Features and Benefits


  • Evaluation kit the TC4-LP Module
  • Evaluation kit for the TC2 Module
  • Standardised interfaces
  • Proven design
  • Stringent environmental standards
  • GPS option available
  • MTBF > 60 000 hours


  • TC4-Eval2 Board (Carrier Card)
  • Break-out Cable
  • Power Supply
  • Product CD

Compatible TC4-LP and TC2 Functions:

  • HF Data Modems
  • 2G ALE
  • 3G ALE & Packet Data
  • Wideband HF
  • Wideband V/UHF
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  • Embedded HF / VHF Modem Modules
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