TS8 Test & Evaluation System

Test & Evaluation System (TS8-MDM)


The RapidM Test & Evaluation System (TS8-MDM) is an integrated communication platform for the testing of HF data modems and ALE 2G/3G controllers as defined by NATO STANAGs and Military Standards (MIL-STDs). The TS8-MDM platform provides a scalable test system for the testing of simplex systems (e.g. modem or ALE controller only) to full operational systems.

The TS8-MDM is under control of the Automated Test Controller (ATC) for testing with minimal operator interaction. The complete test platform comprises of two RM8 software defined modems and an RS8 wideband HF channel simulator.

The TS8-MDM ships with test cables and a product CD. The product CD contains the test project source (.xls) and test scripts (.xml) as per STANAG and MIL-STD specifications.


The TS8-MDM’s ATC acts as both the Test Manager and Controller. As the testing process is automated, the ATC reads the test scripts and executes the testing procedure according to the specified test scenario. Test coverage includes functional & performance verification, guarantees compliance to the standards and interoperability with 3rd party equipment.

Test logs and result files are continuously produced during test execution. The TS8-MDM test environment can easily be extended to cover the latest standard developments or enhancements.

Features and Benefits

  • Automated Test Environment for
    • Conformance to STANAG & MIL-STD Standards
    • 3rd Party Equipment Interoperability
  • HF Data Modem/ALE & ARQ Validation
  • Pre-defined Test Scenarios and Scripts
  • TS8-MDM: HF Modem Testing (110A/B/C, 3–25 kHz)
  • TS8-MDM: HF Link Setup Testing (2G & 3G ALE)
  • TS8-ARQ: HF ARQ Testing (S5066 & S4538)
  • Test Platform for:
    • Functional Validation
    • Performance Testing & Verification
    • Real Time Evaluation Verification
    • Integrated Test System Solution
    • Standard Interfaces for DATA/CTRL
    • Radio Control for Multi-Freq. Operation
  • Scalable Test System: Simplex to Complex
  • HF Communications Reference System
  • BRASS/BREITA, 4KMA, BFE66 Test Systems
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