TZ3 Voice / Data Baseband Dual-Module

The TZ3 is an embedded dual-module providing baseband processing for HF and V/UHF communication.

The TZ3 offers the latest waveform and protocol standards plus cutting edge proprietary Secure Digital Voice (SDV) technology in a single unit. The dual-module is intended for integration into HF and V/UHF radio transceiver designs and other communication equipment.

The TZ3 dual-module is suitable to host ISO communications stack layers 1 to 7.


The unit is supplied with built-in DES 56-bit encryption. The TZ3 can also host the EF-256 Embedded Functions for secure Voice and data, which provides AES-256 encryption and a low-rate vocoder.

An interface for integration with a third party encryption function is provided between the two baseband processing modules.

Features and Benefits

  • Vocoder: 700 – 2400 bps TWELP, or
  • Vocoder: 1200 – 2400 bps MELPe
  • Digital Voice Modem: RapidM SDV2
  • 3rd Party COMSEC: Interface Provided
  • Default COMSEC: DES 56-bit (Non-Export Controlled)
  • Low Power Consumption: 1400 mW (typical)(TBC)
  • Compact Size: 40 x 88 x 15 mm


  • HF Modem SSB: 110B App. C up to 9 600 bps
  • HF Modem 2-ISB: 110B App. F up to 19 200 bps
  • Wideband HF Modem: 110C Modes
  • Protocols: STANAG 5066, IP Client, Email Client, S4538 Proxy
  • 2G ALE: MIL-STD-188-141C App. A, B
  • 3G ALE: STANAG 4538 FLSU, xDL Packet Modem
  • V/UHF Modem: Up to 128 000 bps (24 kHz)
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