RapidM is committed to assist you in building a rewarding, professional career within a fair and diverse workplace. Products and projects are typically assigned to small teams who assume responsibility from start to finish. Employees are involved in various engineering disciplines, ranging from design to production. These disciplines include communications systems engineering, electronic hardware and mechanical design, and also a very strong focus on DSP, embedded and computer software engineering. Further responsibilities may include customer support, project engineering, production fault finding and testing, as well as day-to-day business operations. Team members are required to work closely together, help each other and deal with clients.

The following opportunities are currently available:

Engineering and Development

8 position(s) available in this category.


4 position(s) available in this category.


2 position(s) available in this category.

Technical Development

2 position(s) available in this category.

RapidM is committed to creating a workplace in which individuals of ability and application can develop rewarding careers at all levels, regardless of their background, race, or gender. The group’s employment practices and policies emphasise equal opportunity.