EF-256 Embedded Functions for Secure Voice & Data

EF-256 Embedded Functions for Secure Voice & Data

The Secure Voice & Data Embedded Functions EF-256 are intended for integration into radio transceivers and other communication device. These embedded functions are suitable for commercial, industrial, governmental, security, paramilitary and even military communication systems. The Secure Voice & Data Embedded Functions brings high-end digital radio capabilities to any radio design.

The internal Vocoder digitises the voice. The data is encrypted and converted to an in-band signal by the built-in high-performance modem. The Vocoder dramatically improves voice quality in adverse channel conditions, extending the range of voice communications. Beyond Line-Of-Site (BLOS) communication is vulnerable to eavesdropping due to the vast areas covered. Built-in AES encryption ensures that all digital voice and data communications are secured by a trusted algorithm. The SDV function has Auto DRC (Data Rate Change) capability.

Features and Benefits

  • AES-256 Encryption
  • Vocoder (600 – 2400 bps) TWELP* or MELPe**
  • AUTO Data Rate Change
  • Best-In-Class Voice Modem
  • Assured Voice Clarity
  • Extended Range
  • Low Power Consumption
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