EntryPoint Software


EntryPoint Software, combined with RapidM modems and terminals, offers third party applications the ability to send and receive data easily, efficiently and reliably over HF and V/UHF radio links.

EntryPoint provides an OSI-based Communication Stack with a documented Layer-7 Application Programming Interface (API) which allows developers to easily get access to the data transfer capability of their radios and radio modems.

EntryPoint’s interface is TCP/IP based, allowing developers with routing flexibility and an easy-to-interface-with IP based protocol for sending and receiving data in various formats, from text to files to binary data.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy & reliable Data over HF & V/UHF networks
  • API based on TCP/IP with comprehensive ICD
  • TCP/IP or UDP client interface
  • Broadcast and Point-to-point radio connections
  • Raw data transfer capability
  • File transfer capability
  • Messaging support
  • Delivery notification
  • Compression, Resumption, Prioritization
  • EMCON support
  • MS Windows® software options
  • Linux GLIBC v2.23 or later
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  • Embedded HF / VHF Modem Modules
  • Governmental and Security Communications
  • Tactical and Joint Communications
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