RA1 Secure Voice & Position Modem / Wearable

RA1 Secure Voice & Position Modem / Wearable

Secure Voice and Position for any Radio – Handheld to Vehicle

The RA1 is a high-performance digital in-line secure voice modem with built-in GPS. The RA1 is suitable for first responders, security agencies, governmental and paramilitary users. The RA1 provides voice privacy and asset tracking. The RA1 easily integrates with all VHF, UHF and HF radio transceivers via the audio or accessory interface. The unit is suitable for use with handheld, manpack and vehicular radio equipment.

Information Security

All radio communications are vulnerable to eavesdropping. The RA1’s built-in AES encryption means that all communications are secured by a trusted algorithm. Switching between Secure Digital Voice (SDV) and analog voice (analogue SSB or FM) transmission is done by pressing the plain/secure button.

Position Tracking

The RA1 can be configured to send out periodic position transfers. These can be received and displayed by RA5 units and the TrackPoint PC software.

Low Rate Vocoder and Superior Modem Performance

Long-range communication is prone to interference and noise. Both digital voice and data operation benefits from RapidM’s superior technology and experience in HF modem design. The latest generation Vocoder dramatically improves voice quality in adverse channel conditions, extending the range of voice communications. The serial tone modem features adaptive equalisation and is able to deal with in-band distortion. Furthermore, the unit can be set-up to run in low-latency (V/UHF) or robust BLOS (HF) mode.

Features and Benefits

  • AES-256 Encryption: Voice and Position
  • 600 – 2400 bps Automatic Digital Voice Rates
  • TWELP* Vocoder – High Voice Clarity
  • Automatic Periodic Position Transfer
  • V/UHF and HF compatible (SSB and FM)
  • Best-In-Class Voice Modem Performance
  • Extended Range, including BLOS Links
  • Automatic Vocoder Rate Adjustment
  • Assured Voice Clarity
  • Over-the-Air Compatible with RA5
  • Cross-Vendor Radio Interoperability
  • Automatic Clear Voice Reception (FM/SSB)
  • Compatible with Handset/Headset/Speaker-Mic
  • 4.5 – 18 V DC Input with Surge Protection
  • Two Year Warranty
  • GPS and GLONASS Support Built-In
  • Zeroise Function
  • Position Tracking via TrackPoint PC Software
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