RA5 Secure Data Terminal with HF and V/UHF Modem

The RA5 is an ultra-rugged Data Terminal that works with any HF/ VHF/UHF radio to provide data services.

The RA5 is purpose-built for vehicle applications and for situations where PC/PDA and Data Modem functions are required in a rugged integrated format.

The RA5 is suitable for first responders, security agencies, governmental and paramilitary users.

The RA5 has a built-in high performance data modem that connects to virtually any HF or V/UHF transceiver via the audio interface.

The RA5 offers efficient communication in conditions when voice communication is not possible. The intuitive (smart-phone like) user interface allows for rapid deployment of secure messaging applications with minimal training.

The RA5 has a built-in GPS receiver. This facilitates simple Navigation functions, Position Tacking and supports emergency GPS alerts.

Features and Benefits


  • Ultra-rugged PDA
  • Efficient and reliable communication
  • HF and V/UHF modem
  • Can be used with existing radios
  • Built-in encryption
  • Link Establishment
  • Radio control

Messaging & File Transfer

  • Email (On-device or with a PC)
  • SMS, Chat, Form & QuickCodes
  • Pictures and other files (USB port)
  • Email gateway to the Internet or LAN
  • SMS gateway to GSM

Situational Awareness

  • GPS & compass
  • Navigation
  • Position tracking
  • Emergency GPS alerts


  • Wearable (Manpack)
  • Vehicle
  • Desktop
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