RA7 Secure Voice & Data Modem / Rack-Mount


The RA7 is a Secure Voice & Data Modem which can be mounted in a 19″ rack. The modem is intended for use in control rooms and and ships. The RA7 is part of the RA product family and connects to a single HF or V/UHF radio to provide secure voice, data and position services.


The Vocoder rate is adapted dynamically to allow optimal quality in all channels. Broadcast and Private-Lines selective call modes are supported, as well as automatic Late Entry.

Usage Modes

Local User: The operator uses a handset connected to the RA7 front panel. The RA7 provides an Address Book to initiate Private Line calls or to send locally entered Messages or files.
Remote User: The operator is situated away from the RA7. Audio input is via the Intercom connector. The RA7 can then be operated via MessagePoint, GatePoint or TrackPoint Software.


All over-the-air communications, locally stored messages and positions are encrypted. A Zeroize function is provided from the keypad which erases all data and keys.

Features and Benefits

  • Features & Benefits:
  • Digital Voice: 600, 1200 & 2400 bps Vocoder
  • Vocoder Options: TWELP* / MELPE**
  • Data: Packet Modem & ARQ
  • Security: AES-256 Encryption
  • Address Book: Selective and Broadcast calls
  • Position Transfer: Built-in GPS Module
  • Connects to: Any HF or V/UHF radio
  • Interoperates with: RA5
  • RapidM PC Software: Extends capability
  • Rack Mount: 19″
  • Front Panel: Full operator interface
  • Rear Panel: Intercom and Data interface

Functions and Applications:

  • Voice Encryption: Secure Digital Voice for Radio
  • Position Transfer: Asset tracking over vast areas
  • Secure Data Modem: Used by external laptop or PC
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