RI10- DCE / IP-TO-SYNC CONTROLLER | synchronous serial data over Ethernet (TCP/IP)

RI10 IP-TO-SYNC Controller – 120 kbps

The RI10 IP-to-Sync Controllers are a pair of 19-inch rack-mountable hardware for transferring synchronous serial data over Ethernet (TCP/IP). By utilising the RI10, the transfer of encrypted bulk data over IP over extended distances for split-site systems are possible whilst leveraging on the already installed base of high-performance COMSEC devices.  Besides, transferring the data, the RI10 product also operates as a split-site controller for configuration, control and status.

The RI10 product breaks the continuous serial data stream into fixed-size packets, adds the IP framing and sends the data over a packet-switched Ethernet network, e.g., Defence LAN/WAN to a remote Tx or Rx Site. In the reverse direction, the IP Data received via the LAN is de-encapsulated and synchronously clocked into the data encryption equipment, e.g., NATO KIV-7M and KG-84 Encryptors.

The RI10 DCE variant is positioned between the COMSEC device and the Wide Area Network (WAN). On the radio equipment side, the RI10 DTE variant operates as a Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) device. If the RapidM RM10 HF wideband modem is used, the RI10 DTE variant is not required as the RM10 provides an embedded DATA LAN/WAN port.

The RI10 is suitable for installation on naval and maritime platforms as well as NATO shore stations requiring a split-site operation, e.g., BRASS/BRE1TA and BRIPES.

The RI10 is a member of the RapidM “Family 10” 19-inch rack-mount hardware products, including the RM10, RC10, RB10 and RS10 products, all sharing a common hardware platform enabling a long (20 year) product and spares availability period.

Features and Benefits

  • DCE and DTE Variants Available
  • Converts EIA-530 Serial-to-IP
  • Unit Time Updates via External GPS or NTP Time Server
  • External Interfaces:
    • DTE (From Crypto/ARQ) Port – EIA 530A Synchronous/Asynchronous, RS-232/RS-422
    • Ethernet CTRL LAN Interface – Management and Control
    • Ethernet DATA LAN Interface – Raw Data TCP/IP
    • Ethernet AUX (DATA) LAN Interface – Raw Data TCP/IP
    • Remote Control (Serial) and GPS (NMEA and 1 PPS)
    • Asynchronous Serial Port – for ACP-126/127
  • Deployment – Naval and Maritime Platforms (Surface, Sub-Surface and Air) and Shore Station/Split-Site
  • Time Updates via External GPS or NTP Time Server
  • Companion Products – RI10 DCE Variant, RC10 and RM10
  • Supported Data Rates:
    • Sync: 50 bps to 128 kbps (Half-Duplex)
    • Sync: 50 bps to 64 kbps (Full-Duplex)
    • Async: 50 bps to 480.8 kbps (Half/Full-Duplex)
  • Menu-Driven Control and Configuration
  • Factory Presets – Lower Integration Effort
  • Excellent Environmental Specifications:
    • Based on RapidM “Family 10” Common Hardware Platform
    • Low Power Consumption
    • High-Temperature Range
    • Tested for High Shock and Vibration
    • High MTBF
    • 20 Year Product and Spares Availability Period
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