RT/RA Demo Package

Voice, Position & Messaging Evaluation Package

The RT/RA Demo Package allows users to conveniently evaluate the capabilities of the RT System, including Voice, Data & Position. The RA5 Terminals are pre-configured to work out-the-box. All components required to demonstrate the system are included. The RA5 Terminals are connected to each other via the supplied USSC Radio Cables through the Back-to-back box. This box comes with a power supply to provide power to the RA5 Terminals. A Gateway and MessagePoint PC and USB accessories can optionally be added and demonstrated. The USSC Radio Cables can also be used to connect to radios with a USSC (MIL-C-55116) audio connector interface to demonstrate the RT System through the radios.

Features and Benefits


  • Secure Digital Voice (SDV) evaluation
  • Position tracking evaluation
  • Tactical messaging evaluation
  • System Evaluation: KMS, SCS
  • Software Evaluation: MessagePoint
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  • Governmental and Security Communications
  • Tactical and Joint Communications
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    RA Family
    RT Family

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