TC4-LP Secure Digital Voice & Messaging for the Icom IC-F8101 #61


The TC4-LP is an HF modem module with exceptional performance and reliability. The TC4-LP plugs into the Icom IC-F8101 #61 Transceiver’s internal provisioned connector. The TC4-LP installed in the IC-F8101 is suitable for governmental, paramilitary, industrial and commercial users requiring Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) Secure Digital Voice and Data Messaging without fixed infrastructure.

RapidM’s EF-256 Embedded Functions for Secure Voice and Data is hosted on the TC4-LP module. The internal Vocoder digitizes the voice. The digital voice data is encrypted and converted to an in-band signal by the built-in high performance modem. Built-in AES encryption means that all digital voice and data communications are secured by a trusted algorithm.


MESSAGEPOINT is a Microsoft® Windows® application which connects to the TC4-LP data modem. The software allows users to easily communicate by using threaded Chat Messaging and File Transfer from within the application.

Email is supported via the POP3 & SMTP interfaces. Users can compose emails using well known email clients such as Microsoft® Outlook® and Lotus Notes™. MESSAGEPOINT ensures that emails get delivered to other users on the radio network.

Features and Benefits

  • Secure Digital Voice
  • AES-256 Encryption
  • Vocoder 600 – 2400 bps TWELP* or MELPe**
  • Email over HF radio
  • Chat Messaging
  • File Transfer
  • Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS)
  • No satellite infrastructure required
  • Free to air (no data transfer cost)
  • Data compression improves throughput
  • Internal modem solution for radio
  • Desktop and mobile deployment

* TWELP voice coding by DSP Innovations Inc.(www.dspini.com)
**MELPe for US customers only

Package Contents:

TC4-LP Module (including EF-256)
MessagePoint Software
Installation Guide
Type-AB USB Cable

Not Included:

Icom IC-F8101 #61 HF Transceiver
Icom CS-F8101 #11 Cloning Software
Icom CFU-F8100 Cooling Fan Unit (Recommended)
Windows PC
Email client (such as MS Oultook™)

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  • Governmental and Security Communications
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