System Integration Support

System Integrators, Radio Makers and End Users often require on-site integration assistance at short notice during the development of new products or the commissioning of new HF and VHF data communication systems. RapidM has a pool of engineers experienced with integration assistance.

Product Adaptation Services

We can allocate teams to adapt our HF and VHF embedded communication technology for integration into existing client products or systems resulting in extended life and functionality.

Embedded Product Integration Support

For radio makers interested in adding advanced HF data modem & ALE capabilities to their existing HF radio product range, we can customise the small form factor TC4 HF Data Modem Module in the shape of a plug-in option board for the radio. We work closely with the radio maker’s engineers to ensure smooth integration of the option board into the radio.

Custom Communications Development Services

RapidM has a large pool of specialists skilled in the area of low-power, high performance data communications hardware, platform and software development. We have considerable R&D capacity to develop high-speed, wideband and BLOS communications solutions.

We can provide clients with customised PC and embedded STANAG 5066 and HF E-mail Components. This software is compliant with STANAG 5066.

RapidM embedded software for STANAG 5066 runs in a mature HF radio product range including man-pack, vehicle and base station radios. Interoperability of other HF E-mail solutions has been tested extensively. The HF E-mail Client PC software supports this range and is interoperable with standardized STANAG 5066 software.

System Architecture Specialist Advice

Over the years, RapidM has acquired a large amount of specialist knowledge and experience on system architecture. System integrators, equipment manufacturers and resellers can leverage this experience to produce well thought-out systems and solutions meeting international standards.

Transfer of Technology

RapidM creates world leading digital radio technology for HF, VHF and UHF products. Transferring technology enables the makers of radio and communication equipment to boost development capabilities, reduce cost and reduce time to market. Technology transfers are backed up by through-life support from versatile DSP engineering teams.


RapidM technical personnel offer training on a variety of topics including HF communication principles, simulation practices, product use and standardised specifications. Training is customised to address the needs and expectations of the client. Training presented early in a project allows our customers to make well informed decisions.

Core Technologies.

High Speed Data Modems

Data Applications

Secure Voice Solutions

Radio Networking Technology

RapidM’s core technologies include:

  • HF and V/UHF Data Modems conforming to MIL-STD-188-110A, MIL-STD-188-110B, MIL-STD-188-110C (wideband HF), STANAG 5069, 4285, 5065, 4529, 4415 and 4539,
  • Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) functions for 2G ALE conforming to MIL-STD-188-141A, B and C, and 3G ALE conforming to STANAG 4538,
  • STANAG 5066 ARQ stack for narrowband and wideband HF radio links, and associated IP, ACP-127, e-mail and all mandatory STANAG 5066 clients,
  • Digital voice encryption encompassing low rate TWELP and MELPe vocoders and AES-256 suitable for HF (BLOS) and V/UHF radio links, and
  • Embedded hardware modules for HF transceivers, providing narrowband HF modems, wideband HF modems, ALE and digital voice.

Through Life Support


RapidM offers technology and services throughout the product life cycle.