CommandPoint XL - Command And Control Software

RT CommandPoint XL Situational Awareness Software

CommandPoint XL is a command centre application that aids commanders in operational theatre overview visualisation and provides a directed voice and chat communication terminal.

CommandPoint XL allows a command team to view the latest position information of forces and provides the ability to quickly and easily communicate with these forces, either via secure voice or via robust messaging.

Additionally, CommandPoint XL can act as a messaging gateway between radio networks and fixed networks (intranet), allowing emails to be routed from the radio network to the fixed network.

Features and Benefits

  • Command Centre Visualization
  • Operator Console and Overview Map
  • Situational Awareness Satellite and Vector Mapping
  • Messaging Over HF and V/UHF Networks
  • Email and GSM SMS Gateway
  • Message Compression, Resumption, Prioritisation, Delivery Notification
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Product Accessories

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