RA2 Secure Voice & Data Modem / Mobile

The RA2 is a high performance secure digital voice voice and data modem. The RA2 is suitable for first responders, security agencies, governmental, paramilitary and even military users requiring voice privacy and asset tracking. The RA2 easily integrates with HF, VHF and UHF radio transceivers via the audio interface. The RA2 is suitable for vehicle and desktop installations.

Beyond-Line-Of-Site (BLOS) communication is vulnerable to eavesdropping due to the vast areas covered. The RA2’s built-in AES-256 encryption ensures that all digital voice and data communications are secured by a trusted algorithm.

The internal Vocoder digitizes the voice. The information is then encrypted and converted to an in-band signal by the data modem. The Vocoder dramatically improves voice quality in adverse channel conditions, extending the range of voice communications. The unit is also capable of detecting plain voice (analogue SSB or FM).

The optional RT MessagePoint allows email messages to be sent and received on a connected PC. Emails are securely and reliably transferred over HF. RT Gateway software allows email messages to be routed between HF networks and IP networks.

The RT CommandPoint Software can be deployed at a base station to monitor the locations of mobile units.

Features and Benefits


  • AES-256 Encryption (Voice, Position, Data)
  • Compatible with any HF or V/UHF transceiver

Secure Digital Voice

  • 600 – 2400 bps Low rate Vocoder
  • Automatic Vocoder Rate Adjustment
  • Improved voice quality over harsh channels

Secure Email Option

  • Email on a connected PC
  • Automatic Modem Rate Adjustment
  • Build-in ARQ for reliable transfer

Position Tracking Option

  • Monitor mobile units from the base


  • Vehicle
  • Desktop
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