RC10 Wideband ARQ & IP Controller – 120 kbps

RC10 Wideband ARQ & IP Controller – 120 kbps

The RC10 ARQ Server and IP Controller is a purpose-built platform for Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ) communications functions based on STANAG 5066 and STANAG 4538, as well as a Mobile Ad-Hoc Relay Line-of-Sight Networking (MARLIN) function based on STANAG 4691 standards. The RC10 complies to all the mandatory features and aspects of the STANAG 5066 Edition 4 specification. The RC10 provides core data link protocol functions enabling user applications to operate efficiently over strategic and maritime HF BLOS and V/UHF LOS/ELOS radio communications systems.

The RC10 is a companion product to the RM10 Wideband SDM & ALE providing the emerging wideband STANAG 5066 ARQ Protocol Stack (WB-ARQ) with all the latest enhancements together with an embedded IP PEP and IP Client.  The RC10 STANAG 5066 implementation also provides support for the Wireless Token Ring Protocol (WTRP) for HF networking operations.

The RC10 unit has a bit-exact synchronous DCE interface supporting all the MIL-STD-188-110C rates up to 120 kbps, as well as three ethernet interfaces for data transfer and management functions.

The RC10 offers, as a software option, the STANAG 4691 sub-network relay (SNR) controller, for fixed frequency ad-hoc V/UHF networks. In addition, support for the RapidM proprietary VHF waveforms, known as VHF-5 (3, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 kHz) are also provided in the RC10 for use with the STANAG 4691 SNR controller.

The RC10 is suitable for installation on naval and maritime platforms as well as NATO shore stations requiring a split-site operation, e.g., BRASS/BRE1TA and BRIPES.  The 19-inch rack-mount hardware units provide much-extended product life and availability compared to PC-based solutions.

The RC10 is a member of the RapidM “Family 10” 19-inch rack-mount hardware products, including the RM10, RI10, RB10 and RS10 products, all sharing a common hardware platform enabling a long (20 year) product and spares availability period.

RC10 ARQ Server
NATO Stock Number: 5895-20-011-9976
Part Number: RME-C0-RA-CWV06

Features and Benefits

  • Standards-Compliance: MIL-STD and STANAG
  • Wideband and Narrowband ARQ and SNR Controller
  • Split-Site Operation
  • Embedded Functions:
    • Embedded – STANAG 5066 Wideband ARQ Server (Edition 4), includes STANAG 5066 Narrowband (Edition 3)
    • Embedded – STANAG 5066 High-Frequency Wireless Token Ring Protocol (WTRP) (Annex L) (Software option)
    • Embedded – STANAG 4691-A MARLIN Controller (Software option)
    • Embedded – Narrowband Packet Data (RDL) Sublayer (aka STANAG 4538 Proxy) (Software option)
    • Embedded – Wideband Packet Data (WB-RDL) Sublayer (Software option)
  • Embedded Clients and Performance Enhancing Proxies:
    • Embedded – IP and COSS Clients (Standard Configuration)
    • Embedded – IP PEP (Software Option)
    • Embedded – Email Gateway (SMTP used with CFTP/HMTP) (Software Option)
  • Email, Chat and Messaging – Via the Mandatory STANAG 5066 SIS Protocol
  • Deployment – Naval and Maritime Platforms (Surface, Sub-Surface and Air) and Shore Station/Split-Site
  • Time Updates via External GPS or NTP Time Server (Improved Accuracy for STANAG 4691-A SNR TDMA Operation)
  • Operation – Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint and Broadcast
  • Works with Wideband Data Modems
  • Works with RI10 (Split-Site Controller) – Datasheet Available
  • Provides Support for Channel Access via 4G ALE/WALE, 3G ALE/FLSU and 2G with ALM
  • Configuration and Control Protocols: RAP1/RIPC and STANAG 5066 (Annex E)
  • Menu-Driven Control and Configuration
  • Factory Presets – Lower Integration Effort
  • External Interfaces:
    • DTE (To Modem/Crypto) Port – EIA 530A Synchronous/Asynchronous, RS-232/RS-422
    • Ethernet CTRL LAN Interface – Management and Control
    • Ethernet (User) DATA LAN Interface – TCP/IP (requires embedded IP-PEP) or UDP/IP and STANAG 5066 SIS / STANAG 4691 RI Interfaces
    • Ethernet (To Modem/Crypto) DATA LAN Interface – Raw Data TCP/IP
    • Asynchronous Serial Port – for ACP-126/127
  • Excellent Environmental Specifications:
    • Based on RapidM “Family 10” Common Hardware Platform
    • Low Power Consumption
    • High-Temperature Range
    • Tested for High Shock and Vibration
    • High MTBF
    • 20 Year Product and Spares Availability Period
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