RC10 Wideband ARQ & IP Controller – 120 kbps

RC10 Wideband ARQ & IP Controller – 120 kbps

The RC10 ARQ Server and IP Controller is a purpose-built platform for Automatic Repeat reQuest (ARQ) communications functions based on STANAG 5066 and STANAG 4538, as well as a Mobile Ad-Hoc Relay Line-of-Sight Networking (MARLIN) function based on STANAG 4691.

The RC10 is a companion product to the RM10 Wideband SDM & ALE providing the emerging wideband STANAG 5066 ARQ Protocol Stack (WB-ARQ) with all the latest enhancements together with the IP Client. The unit has a bit-exact synchronous DCE interface supporting all the MIL-STD-188-110C rates up to 120 kbps.

The RC10 offers, as a separate software configuration, the STANAG 4691 network controller, for fixed frequency ad-hoc V/UHF networks.

The 19-inch rack-mount hardware units provide much-extended product life and availability compared to PC-based solutions.

RC10 ARQ Server
NATO Stock Number: 5895-20-011-9976
Part Number: RME-C0-RA-CWV06

Features and Benefits

  • Embedded – STANAG 5066 Wideband ARQ Server (Edition 4)
  • Embedded – STANAG 4691-A MARLIN Controller (Separate Software Configuration)
  • Embedded – IP and COSS Clients
  • Email, Chat and Messaging – via SIS Protocol
  • Deployment – Ship-Borne and Shore Station/Split-Site
  • Operation – Point-to-Point and Broadcast
  • Works with Wideband Data Modems
  • Provides Support for Channel Access via 4G ALE/WALE with ALM
  • Menu-Driven Control and Configuration
  • DTE Port – Synchronous/Asynchronous
  • Ethernet LAN Interfaces – For Control and IP-Based Data Services
  • Asynchronous Serial Port – for ACP-126/127
  • Factory Presets – Lower Integration Effort
  • Excellent Environmental Specifications:
    • Low Power Consumption
    • High Temperature Range
    • Tested for High Shock and Vibration
    • High MTBF
    • 20 Year Product and Spares Availability Period
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