RT5 Tactical Terminal

Voice, Position & Messaging

The RT5 is an ultra-rugged Tactical Terminal that works with any HF or V/UHF radio to provide secure voice, position and data messaging services. The RT5 provides a full QWERTY style user interface keyboard.

Secure Digital Voice

RT provides the next-generation radio speech encryption solution. RT Secure Digital Voice (SDV) uses the new language-independent TWELP** low-rate vocoder. This is combined with powerful AES-256 encryption and modulated for HF/VHF/UHF use by a RapidM proprietary Digital Voice waveform.

Position Tracking

Fielded units periodically send out their position information, allowing other RT5 units and CommandPoint user to track Blue Forces.


RT provides fast accurate messaging services such as:

  • Chat and QuickText
  • File Transfer: Pictures, etc
  • Reports: CASEVAC, SITRAP, etc
  • Email with attachments
  • SMS to GSM Networks

RT Key Management Software (KMS-256)

Secure key generation and distribution ensures that all over-the-air communications are end-to-end encrypted.

RT System Configuration Software (SCS)

Easy-to-use software allows rapid creation and distribution of address books, network parameters and device configurations.


Man-pack / Vehicular / Platoon / SOF

Features and Benefits


  • AES-256 encryption
  • Secure Digital Voice (SDV)
  • Position tracking
  • Tactical messaging
  • All data and voice is encrypted
  • Security and access control

Secure Digital Voice

  • 300, 600, 1200 & 2400 bps MELPe*/TWELP** Vocoder
  • Secure broadcast voice
  • Point-to-point private line voice
  • Very high Vocoder clarity
  • Very high performance voice specific modem
  • Automatic rate adjustment
  • Automatic Late Entry
  • Caller Identification
  • Simultaneous voice and position transfer


* MELPe for USA customer only
** TWELP voice coding by DSP Innovations Inc.(www.dspini.com)

RT5 Military Differentiating Features

The RT5 is not a normal militarized PDA, but rather a purpose-built device designed from the ground up to provide voice, messaging and position communications using HF and VHF transceivers during military field operations.

The RT5 offers important differentiating features specifically for use in the military on field operations:

  • The RT5 features MIL-STD-1275B vehicle power protection. This is necessary for operation in heavier (28V) vehicles which can produce starter motor voltage spikes (< 250V) and surges (< 100V).
  • The RT5 allows for a range of external DC power from 5 to 36 V. With this wide supply voltage range, the unit can be charged off almost any power source available. The unit has an intelligent charger that will take only the current that a transceiver can provide (> 100mA), supplementing the remaining demand from the internal batteries during times of high power demand. Thus the unit is also compatible with power sources with widely varying current capacity.
  • The RT5 can use standard (alkaline) AA-size battery cells, or NiMH rechargeable cells. The batteries are field replaceable without tools. This is very versatile allowing Special Forces to plan operations that may require multiple battery changes.
  • The RT5 design provides for the control of hazardous emissions. Any unwanted light emitted from an electronic field unit represents a hazard to the user during front-line field operations. The RT5 has a built-in platform controller which strictly controls light emissions from both the display and keyboard backlight, from device boot-up to switch off. A built-in light sensor ensures that the RT5’s light emissions are controlled to make text and keys visible to the user, but not from a short distance away. A no-infrared mode can be activated for night-time use. The RT5 features a toughened anti-reflective glass to limit reflective flashes in sunlight conditions. The RT5 keyboard is very quiet, being inaudible from a short distance away.
  • The connectors fitted on the RT5 are of a field-proven military grade. These connectors have proper self-cleaning contacts, scoop-proof design and high EMI shielding. Importantly, these connectors are field cleanable and don’t have tubes that can foul up when exposed to mud or sludge.  These connectors are fully waterproof when not mated and do no rely so heavily on the connector cap to remain serviceable in operational field conditions.
  • The RT5 system includes accessories, for example: Cost-effective handsets and headsets, a vehicle mount with optional GPS re-radiator (for use in hard-skinned vehicles), a so-called ‘hard-mount‘ with shock absorbers.
  • The RT5 has a full QWERTY keyboard according to ITA2 which is also used in ACP military messaging. Access to special characters is quick merely requiring a key to be held down a bit longer. This keyboard is usable even when wet or with gloves because of the shape of the domes and can be operated in the dark due to a very low-level active back-lighting.
  • The RT5 supports a simple Zeroize procedure directly from the keyboard which results in the cryptographic information being erased immediately followed by the user data. For this purpose the keyboard controller gives direct access to special keys on the keyboard. This is an important security feature on a devise intended for front-line use.
  • The RT5 has requires an Access Code to enable the User Interface. All user data is stored encrypted using the AES-256 encryption algorithm. The unit is also fitted with a Tamper Detection circuit which will Zeroize the unit when triggered. These features will ensure that the overall system will be more resistant to compromise should a unit be lost in the field.
  • The RT5 features an active custom-tuned GPS patch antenna with low sensitivity to multi-path distortion. This together with the latest generation high-sensitivity GPS module will lock onto and track GPS satellites in highly wooded environments, vehicles and buildings. GPS performance becomes important in operational conditions where one is obliged to remain in cover with less-than-ideal signals feeding the GPS.
  • The RT5 has a built-in compass and accelerometer and is capable of displaying and tracking positions received over the air. This means that field orientation and simple navigation functionality can be supported. Importantly the unit can display the relative positions of friendly forces for situational awareness and the prevention of blue-on-blue fire.
  • The RT5 features a 300 / 600 / 1200 / 2400 bps TWELP low rate vocoder. The availability of these low rates is essential for HF sky-wave (beyond line of sight) operations where link budgets are always pressed and link margins of 5 dB or less are commonplace in a tactical environment.
  • The RT5 is certified to MIL-STD-461E which means it will not be affected by or interfere electromagnetically with other equipment it is used with, such as sensitive HF or VHF radio equipment.
  • The RT5 is certified to MIL-STD-810F/G environmental protection. It can be submerged, dropped, used in high-vibration environments such as tracked vehicles, used in dusty, high-humidity and salt-fog environments and even at very high altitudes as may be required during military field operations.
  • Internal to the RT5 is the world-class RapidM embedded modem module which provides US MIL-STD and NATO STANAG standard waveforms. These waveforms ensure robust and accurate delivery of sensitive information, such as target position coordinates, even in high radio spectrum noise environments or when radio signals are extremely weak.
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