TC4 LF, HF & V/UHF Modem & ALE Controller Module | Embedded HF & V/UHF Chip

TC4 LF, HF & V/UHF Modem & ALE Controller Module – 3G, 3, 6 kHz

The TC4 is a high-performance LF, HF and V/UHF modem and ALE controller module. The module is suitable for integration into LF, HF and V/UHF radios. The maximum data rate is 9600 bps full-duplex over a standard 3 kHz voice channel and 19200 bps in 2-ISB.

For V/UHF operation the maximum data rate is 96000 bps in a 25 kHz audio channel.

The operation of the TC4 is determined by the selection of one of the following software packs:

  • M1: LF and HF Modem (incl. ISB, Up to 19200 bps)
  • M2: HF Modem (SSB, Up to 9600 bps)
  • M3: HF Modem (SSB, broadcast, Up to 2400 bps)
  • M4: HF Modem (SSB, S4539, Up to 9600 bps)
  • V1: V/UHF Modem (Up to 96000 bps)
  • V2: V/UHF Modem (Up to 48000 bps)

The following software options are available for software packs M1-M4:

  • 2G ALE Controller Software Option
  • STANAG 4538 (3G ALE) Modem Option

Features and Benefits

TC4 Module Platform

  • Low Power Consumption (< 1.3 W)
  • Very Compact Size: 33 x 55 x 8 mm
  • Easy System Integration
  • Single 100-Way Connector
  • LF, HF and V/UHF Radio Compatibility
  • Analogue or Digital Radio Audio Interface
  • Radio Control for ALE Channel Scanning
  • Standardised Remote Control Protocol (RIPC/RAP1)
  • Up to 9600 bps in 3kHz
  • Up to 19200 bps (ISB Radio)
  • Broadcast and Ship-Shore (BRASS) Compatible
  • TC4 Evaluation Kit


LF and HF Software Packs (M1-M4)
Software Pack
M1 M2 M3 M4
MIL-STD-188-110B Appendix C (QAM)
MIL-STD-188-110B (QAM)
MIL-STD-188-110B Appendix F (QAM)
MIL-STD-188-110A (8-PSK)
STANAG 4415 (NATO robust)
STANAG 4285 (8-PSK)
STANAG 4529 (NB 8-PSK)
FSK Variable

V/UHF Modem Software Packs

  • Up to 96000 bps (Coded) in a 24 kHz VHF or UHF Channel (V1)
  • Up to 48000 bps (Coded) in a 12 kHz VHF of UHF Channel (V2)
  • High Data Rate (HDR) Modem
  • External ARQ Interface (e.g. S 5066)

2G ALE Controller Software Option

  • MIL-STD-188-141B App A
  • FED-STD 1045
  • Occupancy Detection
  • MIL-STD-188-141B App B
  • FED-STD 1049 Linking Protection

STANAG 4538 (3G ALE) Modem Software Option

  • 3G Link Setup (Fast Link Setup) (FLSU)
  • Data Transmitted as Packets
  • LDL and HDL Data Link Protocol (ARQ)
  • Includes 2G ALE Controller (Backward Compatibility) (A2)
  • Circuit Link Controller (CLC)
  • Linking Protection
  • Occupancy Detection
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