Radio Makers are faced with ever-expanding functional and performance demands when developing HF and V/UHF radios. The TC Range of embeddable modules provides next generation digital capabilities to new and existing designs at minimal integration effort and low overall cost. Capabilities include secure digital voice, positioning services, narrowband and wideband data modems and ALE controllers. MIL-STD / STANAG compliant functions and proprietary waveforms are offered.

We offer radio makers and equipment manufacturers the following capabilities:

  • HF Data Modems
  • VHF/UHF Data Modems
  • Wideband HF Data Modems
  • ALE Controllers
  • Embedded Functions for Secure Voice and Data

Associated Services

Embedded Product Integration Support

For radio makers interested in adding advanced HF data modem & ALE capabilities to their existing HF radio product range, we can customise the small form factor TC4 HF Data Modem Module in the shape of a plug-in option board for the radio. We work closely with the radio maker’s engineers to ensure smooth integration of the option board into the radio.

Product Adaptation Services

We can allocate teams to adapt our HF and VHF embedded communication technology for integration into existing client products or systems resulting in extended life and functionality.

Transfer of Technology

RapidM creates world leading digital radio technology for HF, VHF and UHF products. Transferring technology enables the makers of radio and communication equipment to boost development capabilities, reduce cost and reduce time to market. Technology transfers are backed up by through-life support from versatile DSP engineering teams.


RapidM technical personnel offer training on a variety of topics including HF communication principles, simulation practices, product use and standardised specifications. Training is customised to address the needs and expectations of the client. Training presented early in a project allows our customers to make well-informed decisions.

Design and Engineering Assistance

RapidM can provide specialised design and engineering assistance to customers in the following areas:

  • Integration assistance to harmonise radio systems with RapidM’s ancillary secure digital voice and modem solutions,
  • Integration assistance with RapidM’s embedded HF and V/UHF modem modules,
  • Transceiver baseband security architecture and receiver/exciter SDR firmware porting (for FPGAs),
  • Bespoke high quality electronic board design and verification.

Waveform Adaptation and Design

RapidM can provide proprietary solutions to customers in the following areas:

  • Wideband waveforms for packet data suitable for HF (BLOS) and challenging (mobile) V/UHF fixed-frequency radio links,
  • Proprietary secure data streaming and packet data ECCM waveforms suitable for HF (BLOS) and challenging (mobile) V/UHF frequency hopping radio links,
  • Proprietary secure digital voice ECCM waveforms suitable for HF (BLOS) and challenging (mobile) V/UHF frequency hopping radio links,
  • Radio Networking protocols (MANET) suitable for HF (BLOS) and V/UHF radio links.