CC2 Carrier Card 2 for TC4

CC2 Carrier Card 2 for TC4-LP

The CC2 is a carrier card for the RapidM TC4-LP module. The CC2 is also used in the RapidM RM2 HF & V/UHF Data Modem product.

The CC2 and TC4-LP combination offers LF/HF/VHF/UHF data modem, ALE 2G and 3G controller capabilities.

The CC2 is suitable to governmental and security equipment manufacturers. It is intended for integration into radio transceivers and other communication devices using the TC4-LP module.

The CC2 allows the advanced digital radio functions of the TC4-LP to be easily integrated into your design. The CC2 reduces the electrical interface integration effort.

Features and Benefits


  • Carrier Card for the TC4 Module
  • Standardised Interfaces
  • Proven Design
  • Stringent Environmental Standards
  • GPS Option Available
  • MTBF > 60 000 Hours


  • Data: Serial and Ethernet
  • Remote Control: Serial and Ethernet
  • Radio Control: Serial
  • Baseband Audio: Bidirectional 600Ω
  • Power: 6 -36 V, Vehicle Surge Protected

Compatible TC4-LP Functions

  • Data Modems
  • 2G ALE
  • 3G ALE and Packet Data
  • Wideband HF
  • Wideband V/UHF
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