RC Family

Standards based Automatic Repeat reQuest (ARQ), IP data solutions and Network Controllers.

The RC Product Family provides standards-based Automatic Repeat reQuest (ARQ) and IP data solutions to systems integrators of RED-side equipment. RC products deliver error-free data (Email, chat, position) over HF and VHF/UHF links, and can be trusted in severely degraded channel conditions. RC products are designed to be used in combination with our RM modems and external link encryptors.

The RC family includes PC software products as well as dedicated hardware units. PC software conforming to STANAG 5066 for email and chat over HF and VHF/UHF radio links are used with STANAG 4539 / MIL-STD-188-110 HF data modems. Dedicated hardware units offers the STANAG 5066 ARQ stack, STANAG 4691 MARLIN TDMA controller and the emerging STANAG 5070 Wideband ARQ stack. The 19-inch rack-mount hardware units provide much extended product life and availability compared to PC-based solutions.

Products at a glance

RC10 Wideband ARQ & IP Controller – 120 kbps
RC10 Wideband ARQ & IP Controller

The RC10 is the companion product to the RM10 providing the emerging Wideband STANAG 5066 ARQ Protocol Stacks with all the latest enhancements together with the IP Client. The synchronous DCE interface connects to high-grade cryptographic equipment supporting all the new MIL-STD 110C rates up to 120 kbps.

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RC8 ARQ Server & IP Controller – 32 kbps
RC8 ARQ Server & IP Controller

An alternative to a rack-mount PC and ARQ software, the RC8 was designed to offer a quality product with long-term availability and rigorous configuration control to the system integrator. The RC8 provides an embedded STANAG 5066 ARQ Stack and IP Client. The RC8 serves both the RM6-A and the RM8.

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RC66 Communications Suite V3
RC66 Communications Suite

RapidM developed RC66 with the aim of providing STANAG 5066 compliant communications to maritime and naval customers requiring synchronous DTE interfaces. The software suite runs on a Windows PC and comes bundled with a PCI or PCIe serial card providing a synchronous DTE interface to the modem. RC66 is used with the RM6-A Data Modem and ALE Controller.

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RC50 Email Software V3
RC50 Email Communications Software

The Windows PC software is targeted at governmental agencies and NGO’s requiring standards compliant HF email service at a lower cost compared to RC66. RC50 is designed for use with the RM2 HF & V/UHF Data Modem.

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Product Comparison

RC8 ARQ Server & IP Controller
RC Family Products Comparison RC10 ARQ Server & IP Controller RC8 ARQ Server & IP Controller RC66 Combat Communications Suite RC50 Email Communications Suite


Naval & Strategic      
Government & Security  


19″ Rack Mount (Dedicated Hardware)    
PC Software    


S5066 Wideband ARQ Stack  
S5066 ARQ Stack        
S5066 CFTP Compressed Email Client    
S5066 HMTP Email Client  
S5066 Broadcast HMTP Email Client  
S5066 IP Client      
S5066 COSS Client (for ACP-127)      
SMTP, POP3    
IP to Sync. Converter    
Embedded IP Stack    
Embedded S5438 Proxy    
S4691-A MARLIN Controller (UHF) [ ]

Supported Modem & Protocol Standards (connected modem)

Wideband HF Data Modems (MS110C)  
2-ISB Data Modem (MS110B Appendix F)      
SSB Data Modems (MS110A/B, S4539)        
4G ALE / WALE (MS-141D)        
3G ALE (S4538 FLSU)      
3G Packet Modem (S4538 LDL, HDL & HDL+)    
2G ALE (MS-141A/B/C)        
V/UHF & S4691 Modems  

Connected Software (Not RapidM)

MS Outlook™ or Similar Email Client    
ACP-127 Messaging Terminal      
User IP Application      
Chat /S4406 Messaging/Email Terminal    
Management System    

Use with Modem (see RM family)

RM6-A / RM6    

Interfaces to Modem

Control: PC Serial (RS-232)  
Control: PCI/PCIe Serial Card (RS-485, RS-422, RS-232)  
Control: On-Device Serial (RS-485, RS-422, RS-232)    
Control Ethernet  
Data & Control: Ethernet (Combined)  
Data: PC Serial (RS-232)  
Data: PCI/PCIe Sync. Serial Card DCE  (RS-422, RS-423, RS-232)  
Data: On-Device Sync. Serial DCE (RS-422, RS-423, RS-232)    
Data Ethernet  


External Bulk Crypto Support      


AC Input    

[ ] = Option