RT Family

Tactical communication products that work with any radio; providing secure digital capabilities

The RT Product Family enhances critical HF and VHF/UHF radio communications for the last mile user with cutting edge digital capabilities that include secure digital voice, situational awareness, tracking, email and chat. RT devices provide unsurpassed performance, well beyond the line of sight (BLOS), in severely degraded conditions.

The family includes Secure Digital Voice encryptors encompassing ultra-robust (300 to 2400 bps) TWELP vocoders and AES-256 encryption, suitable for HF (BLOS) and VHF/UHF radio links.

RT Devices are complimented by our CommandPoint application software (desktop, laptop and tablet) for BLOS position tracking, situational awareness and blue force tracking over HF and VHF/UHF radio links; as well as MessagePoint application software (desktop and laptop) for email and chat over HF and VHF/UHF radio links using STANAG 4538 HDL, LDL and RDL packet data modems.

Our tactical RT products provide secure and reliable communication capabilities, with units designed for handheld, manpack and base.

Products at a glance

RT7 Encrypted Voice / Data Modem

The RT7 is designed to be mounted in a 19″ rack. It provides the RT family secure services in a larger system context. The RT7 has external intercom and Ethernet interfaces to support remote operation in addition to the front panel handset.

The unit is intended for use in command centres, base stations and ships. The RT7 works well in conjunction with RapidM’s RT CommandPoint XL Situational Awareness (SA) PC software in a naval and joint deployments.

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RT5 Tactical Terminal

When we designed the RT5 at RapidM, the aim was to provide soldiers and special forces with smartphone-like capabilities in a military communications device. The RT5 terminal will extend the operational life of existing radios by providing secure voice and data capabilities. The RT5 unit achieves interoperability of secure digital services between radios from various vendors. RT5 is designed for versatile man-pack, vehicle and base deployement at the platoon level.

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RT3 Tactical Voice / Data Encryptor

The RT3 encryptor coupled with the RT CommandPoint SA PC application is designed for commanders requiring vital blue-force tracking as well as Secure Digital Voice (SDV).

As a standalone unit, the RT3’s rugged skin-mount design and external GPS antenna is ideal to provide SDV and position broadcast in vehicle installations.

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RT1 In-Line Voice / Position Encryptor
RT1 In-Line Voice / Position Encryptor

The RT1 is designed for soldiers carrying man-portable and handheld radio systems. The unit provides SDV and position broadcast capabilities. The RT1 radio-side connects directly to the handset port of an HF or V/UHF radio. Available audio configurations include the fitment of an H-250 type handset, headset or a fist speaker / microphone

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RT CommandPoint Situational Awareness Software

RT CommandPoint is a Situational Awareness (SA) application that aids Commanders on all levels in operational theatre visualization, communication and intelligent unit control. The software is optimised for use on a touch screen tablet.

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Product Comparison

RT7 CommandPoint rt5 RT1 In-line Voice & Position Encryptor
RT Family Products Comparison RT7 Encrypted Voice / Data Modem RT CommandPoint + RT3 RT5 Tactical Terminal RT3 Tactical Voice / Data Encryptor RT1 In-line Voice & Position Encryptor


Tactical & Joint          


19″ Rack Mount  
Field Base      


MIL-STD-810F Humidity, Shock, Vibration, Dust   *      
MIL-STD-810F Method 512.4 Proc 1 (Immersion)   *      

Built-In Technologies

Vocoder 600 – 2400 bps          
Vocoder 300 bps    
ASES 256 bit Encryption          
GPS Reciever          
GLONASS Receiver      
3G ALE (S4538 FLSU)          
3G Packet Modem (S4538 xDL)        


Secure Digital Voice          
Position Transfer          
Email with Attachments      
Text Messaging      
File Transfer      

Available PC Software

CommandPoint: Situational Awareness & Messaging        
MessagePoint: Email, Text & File Transfer      
GatePoint: Email to IP & Text to GSM      


Radio Audio, Control, PTT          
External GPS Antenna      
Intercom Audio      


AC Input  
DC Input        
DC Power from Radio        
Internal Batteries  

Export Control Status

Controlled – Military          

* = Determined by PC or Tabled used.