Why radio communication?

Dependence on satellites or fixed infrastructure presents various operational vulnerabilities, which could make it challenging to achieve effective strategic communication. Radio communication offers a unique solution that is self-owned, self-controlled and less vulnerable to jamming and destruction.

Traditional radio communication uses high frequency (HF), very high frequency (VHF) or ultra-high frequency (UHF) radio waves to transmit information from one radio to another. The transmissions in these frequency bands vary greatly in range and quality, making each band appropriate for use in different situations.

VHF and UHF radios operate well within a relatively short range and typically give clear transmissions. However, line-of-sight is required as the signal paths can be hindered by terranean objects and vegetation. This includes buildings, mountains and forests. Furthermore, VHF and UHF communication are not suitable for use in deserts, tundra or grasslands where the distances are too great.

HF communication, on the other hand, is a staple for use in remote areas and was the primary means of long-range communication before the launch of satellites. HF radio waves reflect off the ionosphere, a series of ionised layers high above the atmosphere, to provide beyond-line-of-sight communication. This form of propagation enables HF transmissions to be sent and received over hundreds or even thousands of kilometres, making it particularly well-suited for maritime applications. Although inherent low data rates and potential eavesdropping pushed this technology to the backseat, HF is making a comeback with an infusion of new digital technology. Wideband HF, digital signal processing and improved link security offer a reliable, cost-effective alternative to satellite communications and allow users to rediscover the benefits that HF radio communication has to offer.

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Product Divisions

RapidM serves various clients in the global market, including system integrators, radio makers and resellers who, in turn, serve navies, militaries and governments, as well as industrial, civil and commercial users around the world. We supply our clients with an extensive range of products and services, divided into four distinct product segments below.

Naval and strategic operations require interoperability among a diverse set of radio communication systems. This enables allied nations to operate in synergy and successfully manage complex missions. RapidM knows the ropes and can assist system integrators in navigating their way through this dynamic domain with our continually expanding range of maritime communication products. Our high-end data modems, ALE controllers and ARQ protocol units offer exceptional levels of performance. Our products also fully comply with emerging and relevant industry standards, including ISO, IEC, CE and interoperability standards such as MIL-STD-188-110B and 110C; MIL-STD-188-141B, 141C and 141D; and STANAG 4538, 4539, 4539/TDMA, 5066, and 4691.
Secure, reliable and robust communication is crucial for the success of operations in volatile tactical and joint situations. To command, control, and support forces, our continually expanding product range provides secure digital voice, position, and messaging services, even between diverse and mixed-vendor radio equipment. This allows rapid interoperability between land-tactical, naval and multinational forces using existing equipment. Our products are highly secure, keeping data and information protected to meet the demands of evolving operational situations. Leading-edge waveforms and exceptional product design further provide our rugged products with unmatched reliability and well-integrated services, enabling everyone to stay in the know.
Because the safety of your citizens is a priority, our governmental and security communication products empower your agencies, police, first responders and paramilitary forces to do their best work and keep your people protected. These products provide cost-effective proprietary HF data communications, as well as standards-based solutions for 2G ALE and MIL-STD-188-110B. The RA range of products improves communications reliability and offers secure long-range and beyond-line-of-sight voice, position and data services over existing HF and VHF radio transceivers.
Radio makers are faced with ever-expanding functional and performance requirements when developing HF and V/UHF radios. To meet these changing demands, RapidM’s range of embeddable modules provide next-generation digital capabilities to new and existing designs at minimal integration effort and lower overall project cost. As a further aspect of RapidM’s commitment to our clients, we provide various associated services, including integration support and product adaptation. These services are supported by our strong assurance of supply, giving leading radio makers the ability to manage the supply of their resources and reliably fulfil demand.

Product Families

A comparative summary of each product family is provided below. Each of the product families can be explored in more detail by following the link to the corresponding Family page.

High-performance, standards-compliant, HF and VHF/UHF data modems and ALE for strategic, naval and commercial platforms.
The RM Product Family is engineered for users who require high-performance best-in-class products that fully comply with the current standards for satellite independent beyond line-of-sight (BLOS) strategic, maritime, narrowband and wideband HF and VHF/UHF data communications. The RM products provide excellent environmental specifications with respect to temperature, shock, vibration and MTBF.
Standards-based Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ), IP data solutions and network controllers.
The RC Product Family provides standards-based Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ) and IP data solutions to systems integrators of RED-side equipment. RC products deliver error-free data (email, chat, position) over HF and VHF/UHF links, and can be trusted in severely degraded channel conditions. RC products are designed to be used in combination with our RM modems and external link encryptors.
Tactical communication products that work with any radio, providing secure digital capabilities.
The RT Product Family enhances critical HF and VHF/UHF radio communications for the last mile user with cutting-edge digital capabilities that include secure digital voice, situational awareness, tracking, email and chat. RT devices provide unsurpassed performance, well beyond the line-of-sight (BLOS), in severely degraded conditions.
Operate and control radios from up to 5km away over field wire.
The RW Product Family offers rugged wireline units that enable for radio operators to use and control radios from a distant location up to 5 km away.
Secure data, voice and position products for the unique requirements of governmental agencies, police, first responders and paramilitary forces.
The RA Product Family is specifically designed for governmental agencies, police, first responders and paramilitary forces requiring secure long-range voice, email, chat and position tracking.
Enhance new or existing radio designs by embedding next-generation digital capabilities.
The TC Product Family of embedded modem modules provides radio makers with next-generation digital capabilities at minimal integration effort and low overall cost. The modules are engineered for value, exceptional performance and quality, backed by professional integration support.

Product Family Comparison

RM Family RC Family RT Family RA Family RW Family TC Family
RapidM Product Families Comparison RM RC RT RA RW TC

Use (Division)

Naval & Strategic      
Tactical & Joint      
Government & Security        

Specifications Focus



19″ Rack mount      
Field Base      
Embedded (in-product integration)  

Technologies & Services

Digital Voice      
Position Transfer    
Data Modems        
Email with attachments      
File Transfer    
Situational Awareness    
IP Gateway      
Remote radio operation  

Radio Compatibility

HF Radio            
V/UHF Radio            

Export Control Status

Controlled – Dual-use   [ ]
Controlled – Military  

[ ] = Option

Global Impact

We have successfully provided many real-world naval, tactical, and governmental communications solutions for customers located in more than 45 countries on 6 continents. RapidM provides embedded modems for most of the major global military radio manufacturers as well as a range of high-performance stand-alone modems. RapidM today offers the latest generation military standard data modems, world-leading Secure Digital Voice solutions, wide-band HF technology, Tactical Data Terminal systems and much more.

Stephan Isebeck
Creating world-class digital radio technology, delivering unsurpassed data speed, voice clarity and reach, well beyond the line of sight.
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