Naval and Strategic Communications

Naval and Strategic Communications

Systems Integrators around the world rely on RapidM to remain abreast with the latest emerging standards. RapidM maintains and continuously expands the RM and RC Range of high-end Naval & Strategic data modems and rack-mounted ARQ units. These products fully comply with the relevant MIL-STD and STANAG standards and offer exceptional levels of performance.

Tactical and Joint Communications

Tactical and Joint Communications

Secure and reliable communications is at the heart of all Tactical and Joint Forces operations. This is exactly what the continually expanding RapidM RT product range provides. Leading edge waveforms and design provide these rugged products with the most reliable and integrated services on offer. The RT Product range ensures secure voice and data interoperability between mixed vendor radio equipment.

Governmental and Security Communications

Governmental and Security Communications

RapidM’s Governmental and Security Communication products are custom developed for governmental agencies, police, first responders and paramilitary forces. The products provide affordable proprietary HF data communications as well as standards-based solutions for 2G ALE and MIL-STD-188-110B. The RA range of products improves communications reliability and offers secure long-range and BLOS voice, position and data services over existing HF and VHF radio transceivers.

Embedded HF/VHF Modem Modules

Embedded HF/VHF Modem Modules

Radio Makers are faced with ever-expanding functional and performance demands when developing HF and V/UHF radios. The TC Range of embeddable modules provide next generation digital capabilities to new and existing designs at a low integration effort and low overall cost. Capabilities include secure digital voice, positioning services, narrowband and wideband data modems and ALE controllers. MIL-STD / STANAG compliant functions and proprietary waveforms are offered.



System Integrators, Radio Manufacturers and End Users often require design, development or integration assistance during the development of new products and roll-out of systems. Our customers rely on us to provide engineering support, be it off-site or on-site. We have partnered with and worked with world-leading companies to develop cutting-edge products and standards. RapidM has considerable R&D capacity and a reputation for developing dependable, quality, high-speed, wideband and BLOS communication solutions.

Specialist services and support

RapidM has a large pool of specialists skilled in the area of low-power, high performance data communications hardware, platform and software development. RapidM has a considerable R&D capacity to develop high-speed, wideband and BLOS communications solutions. This capability includes development of baseband and SDR hardware platforms, physical layer modem designs, customised ARQ systems, network layers, standardised security layers and message handling systems. We have a reputation in the industry for dependability and quality in this regard.

We can put together teams to adapt our HF and VHF embedded communication technology to integrate into existing client products or systems, extending life and functionality.

RapidM also, on request, develops external units (typically in 19-inch rackmount format) that provide data communication functions required by a system integrator for a particular project.

System Integrators, Radio Makers and End Users often require on-site integration assistance at short notice during the development new products or the commissioning of new HF and VHF data communication systems. RapidM has a pool of engineers experienced with integration assistance.

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Product Families

RA Family

RA Family is custom developed for governmental agencies, police, first responders and paramilitary forces. RapidM's products maximize connectivity with secure long range voice, position and data services.

RC Family

The RC Family provides standards based Automatic Repeat reQuest (ARQ) and Internet Protocol data services. RapidM’s RC products, when used in conjunction with RM modems and external link encryptors, provide robust, error-free data (email, chat, position, etc) over HF and V/UHF links even in severely degraded channels conditions.

RM Family

The RM Family of products is developed to satisfy needs ranging from professional HF and V/UHF data communication solutions to the demanding requirements of the latest NATO (Tier-1) narrowband and wideband HF communication systems.

RT Family

The RT Family of products provides secure digital services including Situational Awareness, Chat, Email and Digital Voice which in turn maximizes soldier connectivity. RapidM’s RT products offer unsurpassed performance in degraded conditions with a wide range of radio equipment.

RW Family

The RW FAMILY consists of a range of rugged wireline products aimed at operating and controlling radios from a distant location up to 5 km away. This allows radio operators to have access to the essential radio functionality from a convenient and safe location. The RW product sets can be used to set up radio communications for open-pit or underground mining applications, rapid high-site installations and general radio remote use scenarios.

TC Family

The TC Range of embeddable modules provides radio makers with next generation digital capabilities with a low integration effort and overall cost. The RapidM TC Range offers standards-based functions and proprietary waveforms for HF and V/UHF radios. Capabilities include secure digital voice, positioning services, narrowband and wideband data modems and ALE controllers.

Global Impact

We have successfully provided many real-world naval, tactical and governmental communications solutions for customers located in over 45 countries on 6 continents. RapidM provides embedded modems for most of the major global military radio manufacturers as well as a range of high performance modems. RapidM today offers the latest generation Military Standard data modems, world leading Secure Digital Voice solutions, wide-band HF technology, Tactical Data Terminal systems and much more.

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