RW Family

Operate and control radios from up to 5km away over field wire.

The RW Product Family offers rugged wireline units that enable for radio operators to use and control radios from a distant location up to 5 km away.

The remote site is connected via Field Wire (D-10, P-274) which allows radio operators access to essential radio functionality, as well as radio connection and wire-line integrity monitoring, from a convenient and safe location.

Our RW product sets can be used to set up radio communications for open-pit or underground mining applications, rapid high-site installations, anti-radiation missile (ARM) threats and general radio remote use scenarios.

Possible Use Cases:

  • Open-Pit or underground mining operations
  • High-site installations
  • Demolition sites
  • Remote tactical radio operation

Monitor radio connection and wire-line integrity with our innovative RW products.

Products at a glance

RW1 / RW2 / RW3 Radio Remote Set
RW3 Radio Remote Set

The radio remote set is a pair of units connecting an operator to a radio located up the 5 km away. The two units are connected to each other using D-10 or P-274 field wire.

The RW range is available in one, two and three radio variants. The radio remote is aimed at use in rugged industrial sites such as open pit mines. For tactical operations the RW range allows rapid high-site deployment and general radio remote use.

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Product Comparison

RW Family Products Comparison RW3 Three-Radio Remote Set RW2 Two-Radio Remote Set RW1 One-Radio Remote Set


Tactical and Joint      

Specifications Focus



Field Base      


MIL-STD-810G Humidity, Shock, Vibration, Dust      
IP67 (1m for 30 min)      


Field Wire Modem (D-10, P-274)      

Number of Radios Operated

1 Radio  
2 Radios  
3 Radios  

Services On-Device

Remote Radio Operation – Voice      
Remote Radio Channel Selection      
Remote Radio Selection    
Local to Remote Operator Call  

Services via PC Software

Email, Text and File Transfer (MessagePoint)    
Email to IP and Text to GSM (GatePoint)    
Situational Awareness (CommandPoint)    


Radio Audio, Control, PTT      


DC Input      
DC Power from Radio      
Internal Batteries      

Export Control Status


Availability Status

In the near future